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Turning Potential into Excellence" embodies our core mission at Merx Sports.


We believe that every athlete possesses untapped potential, and our role is to unlock and harness this potential through our dedicated programs and training.

Guidance and Support: We provide athletes with the guidance, support, and resources they need to transform their raw talent and ambition into tangible excellence.

Skill Refinement: Through intensive training and technical analysis, we fine-tune every aspect of an athlete's game. This process ensures that their skills and performance are honed to perfection

Continuous Improvement: Excellence is not a one-time achievement; it's an ongoing journey. We instill in athletes the mindset of constant improvement and a commitment to striving for excellence in every game, every practice, and every moment on the field.

Setting New Standards: At Merx Sports, we're not just content with ordinary success. We aim to set new standards of excellence in sports by pushing the boundaries of what's possible for our athletes.

Inspiring Success Stories

Our slogan encapsulates the many inspiring success stories of athletes who, with our support, have realized their potential and achieved excellence in their sports. It's a testament to the transformational power of Merx Sports.

In essence, "Turning Potential into Excellence" conveys our dedication to guiding athletes.
on their journey from untapped potential to becoming true champions in their sports.


Graduated in Economics from the University of London, Marco has spent much of his coreer in the Financial Market.


Graduated in Physiotherapy with Master in Sports
Worked with Brazilian National Team, Fluminense F.C.and Premier League Players